First I must say I was outraged with Jake’s decision last night. I didn’t see it coming, regardless of all the things I read. I guess I have a girl crush on Tenley and thought she was so wonderful he would naturally pick her. FAIL. I hope Tenley finds love and Vienna and Jake have a happy life. It’s like I always say “To each their own.”

Next up… Ali is the bachelorette and since she was my number two pick I will be watching!

Moving on to my own life! Work is going very well. Staying busy and getting to put some of my crazy ideas to use! Brad and I had a wonderful weekend together at Glades Springs. I loved the spa! Unfortunately, I was under the weather but it was nice to spend some time together in a winter wonderland and not be painting our house or fixing it up for the sale. Since it will be going on the market in the next few weeks we don’t have much time. We’re very excited for the next year. I’m not 100% sure what will be in store, but it’s all very exciting!

Best Regards!
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