I know what the 8 followers that read this blog have been staying up at night wondering, “where has Justina’s blog posts been for so long?” Well, that is a fantastic question. Thank you for asking. At work, as boring as it seems. My life has been filled with work, trying to sell our townhouse, hanging with my new little, family activities and working out. Hasn’t left a ton of down time so I’ve been a lazy blogger.

Work is going great. There is always a ton to do in the non-profit world. I’m happy to have the opportunity to make a difference and love my job. Are there bad days? You bet there is, but I take the good with the bad and try to make sure that everyday I go in with a smile on my face! I’m five months in and things are going good. I’ve always said I like a challenge; let’s see what happens in the next year haha.

We just got our townhouse website up and running. http://www.cburg-townhouse.com/. We hope to be one of the fortunate homeowners to sell this year. With a million for sale in our area… you never know. Ours is priced to move and a great place, so we shall see!! Keep you fingers crossed for us.

I must say that we are a bit nervous about selling. Simply because we have no idea where we will live? We hope to find a cheap one bedroom apartment to rent and save some money. Or, I would like to move in with my folks for awhile. I know it isn’t ideal for anyone who is married but you can’t beat a free place to stay. Brad isn’t going for it. It’s still early though ;).

Other than that, life is pretty normal. Then again it seems to be baby making season around here. I currently know seven women pregnant who I know pretty darn well. Crazy. Maybe in another six months or so Brad and I will be lucky enough to catch what they got! Haha.

I’ll keep you posted.