Thank my current occupation for theses;

In memory ads should never involve a person shirtless and drinking a beer. It screams disrespectful to me.

Rude emails that are degrading and belittling can’t be made ok with a smiley face immediately following. It’s still rude, degrading and belittling to me. Thanks.

No matter who you are it is odd to touch something I’m drinking or eating, even if it’s the exterior of the container. If it’s on my desk please don’t touch it. H1N1 anyone?

All of these listed are odd; resting your head on someone’s shoulder you don’t see outside of work, yelling “sunglasses” at someone just because they are wearing them and yelling out while dropping to your knees in the middle of the office.

Don’t assume the person who works in the office is the one who delivers your paper. Odds are I don’t get up at 1 a.m. to deliver your paper then work in the office from 8am – 5 pm. I’m just saying, odds are against it.

If you are sick, with let’s say Bronchitis etc. Something that is spreadable. Don’t be coughing all over the place and infecting the people who work in the small office around you. I’m all for dependability but we aren’t doctors, we don’t save lives, take a day off.
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We just got back yesterday from Williamsburg and it was tons of fun! It rained everyday but it was just scattered showers that kept the lines down at Busch Gardens. Howl-O-Scare was pretty cool and I def recommend it. Williamsburg is a really pretty area of VA and I love the history. We also checked out William and Mary again before we headed home, I seem to have a thing for colleges. Overall, it was a pretty relaxing mini-vacation other than the 5 mile up hill bike ride Brad took me on… don’t get me started.

We stayed at Kingsmill. It was super pretty.

Me and ol TJ hanging out.

Brad on our bike ride around the resort.


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We are headed for the weekend with our friends Mark and Terry to Williamsburg. I'm excited to tour William and Mary. I think it's one of the most beautiful colleges and is the second oldest college in America.

It's only been a few months since we last ventured to Williamsburg but I'm also amped to go to Busch Gardens! I'm a rollercoaster junkie and can't wait to ride Griffon... my fav. Not to mention the fact that this is my first visit during Howl-O-Scream!

90 degrees straight toward the ground, reaching speeds faster than 70 miles per hour!

Sould be a fun time! More to come!
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My church, Abundant Life Fellowship, is having our annual Judgment House at the end of October! It's a lot of fun and everyone is welcome! Come check it out!

Well two weeks ago I got this crazy idea of getting my hair cut short. I’ve only cut my hair short once. That was the day before high school graduation and I hated it. The problem is when I get an idea in my head I just go for it. I’ve never been much for thinking a decision completely through. So, a day or two after my great idea I got about 6 inches of hair cut off... Most days I hate it and that’s for one simple reason; I am and will always be a ponytail kind of gal. Low ponytails are my thing and they go with everything; working out, work, hanging at home, out with the gals… everything. I would like to mention that I told my hairstylist to just keep enough for a ponytail and in response she said "Ok, not a problem," which I believed was a mutual verbal understanding that somehow was forgotten. But, in light of my new do, that is even shorter than is was at high school graduation, I’m determined to make the best of it and rock it. Today, is day one of looking for a new look. Instead of my usual straighten it until it won’t straighten anymore, I went with a bigger natural look. It’s ok but is falling, literally, short. I’ll keep you posted when I find what I like.

and After

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Fall is the second best season of the year! The first being winter, hands down. Why, you may ask? I can sum that up with these conclusions;
Pumpkins Spice Latté from Starbucks. Starbucks is in the business of making people’s day.
Virginia Tech Football. GO HOKIES!

Scarves and layers. I love scarves
Beautiful fall foliage in SW Virginia
and lastly, season premiers!
Welcome bloggers to my very own new and improved blog! I’ve tried different genres of blogs but have come to the conclusion that my own expertise falls solely on my own life. So, my blog will tell my own stories, feelings, adventures and beyond.

For starters, I’ll give you a little background on the point in which you enter my life. I’m 23 years old and on April 4, 2009 I married my “part-time lover and full-time friend” Bradley Sumpter. I’m currently working in Advertising at TRT and Brad works as an Analyst at Virginia Tech while he is also completing his Masters.

We have begun our lives together here in Christiansburg, V.A., Brad’s hometown and just a short 15 minute drive from my own. Also, the place in which we met back in 2006… I was but a mere waitress working my way through college and Brad was a customer who got more than he probably bargained for.

I guess the rest is history in the making.