Day one of no TV, I must say is quite a success. I love the feeling of getting more things done instead of sitting in front of the tube. After work, as usual, I went to jazzercise until about 7:30pm, went home and made myself some dinner, this was followed by; washing the dishes, picking up around the house, folding laundry and putting it away, picked out my clothes for tomorrow and sorted some junk. Keep in mind it’s only 9:30pm at the moment. CRAZY. You get so much more done when you aren’t just laying there. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a total bum; I usually just pick days to focus on my regular shows. The problem is that I always justify it by saying I’ve been working hard all day and deserve a few hours of shows. Day one has been a success. This house is going to be spotless by the end of the week!

Who knows what this week will hold. I may start cooking and baking...

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