Found out today I’m going to a small seminar at WDBJ7 to learn from Don Fitzgibbons, who is a Senior Marketing Consultant with Jim Doyle and Associates. I hope to learn how to better reach people in our area with very little money. The less money I can spend on marketing the more people that can be helped! I hope to learn something from the Guru of Ads!!

Don Fitzgibbons

Don Fitzgibbons is a Senior Marketing Consultant with Jim Doyle and Associates.

Don has over 30 years of experience in broadcast advertising, marketing and sales management. Don has always loved working with retail businesses. He began his broadcast career working with Jim Doyle at a Maine radio station in 1977 and went on to become a General Manager and owner of radio stations in the Northeast.

Currently, Don consults with television stations and specializes in advertising that produces measurable results. He works primarily with small and medium-sized businesses that want to stand out from their competition and significantly increase the impact of their advertising. Over the past eight years, Don has reviewed advertising strategies for over 3000 businesses around the country. Don has also worked abroad for the U.S. State Department to teach advertising and marketing skills at emerging radio and TV stations in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

We call Don the "Guru of Ads" for good reason. His nationwide experience gives Don a keen expertise in knowing what kind of advertising works and what doesn’t. His popular seminar, "14 Rules of the Guru," helps business owners, copywriters and TV production people learn how to get powerful results with the right creative approach.

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin in Journalism, Don has also completed graduate work in Business Management and Counseling Psychology. He flew 102 combat missions in Vietnam. Married with grown children, Don's hobbies include being a high school basketball referee and a (very) competitive Internet chess player.
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