Change in plans. I will not be attending the D.C. summit. I’m both relieved and slightly disappointed. I did like the idea of getting some good training and new ideas to help me out in my job. I didn’t like the thought of going on a whim. I’m quite the planner and the whole idea of planning at the last minute made me a bit of a nervous wreck. I try to think positive and hope that another opportunity will come when it’s meant to happen. I just want to be all that I can be at my job and push the envelope to really make things happen!

Today is day four of Brad and my T.V. fast. Things are going well. We spent a half hour or more in prayer together and it was really motivational. We wish it would have worked in our schedules to head to the church to pray with everyone but were glad to be with our church family in prayer.

It did feel odd this week not attending basketball games. Brad is an avid sports player and played on both church and open league with friends. The season ended on Sunday and unfortunately the church league lost in the championship game. In the end they all had fun and no serious injuries through the season. So all in all it was a win! As for next week… softball starts. Brad will be playing on a new campus league, then will come the church and/or open league. It’s never ending.

As for tomorrow, I will be spending some much need girl time/sushi time with one of my besties Brit!

I’ll keep you posted.
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