About three or four months ago I started a book club with Monique and Sarah from work. Our goal is to read a book a month and then we have a dinner meeting to discuss the book together. We currently have five or six members and are looking to expand. So if anyone is interested let me know!

So far I think the book club has been a success. It’s nice to spend time with and discuss books with others who enjoy reading. Especially since my husband doesn’t fall in that category. In the next month or so I’m hoping to pitch an idea to my book club to possibly do a fundraiser for literacy. A few years ago I worked at The United Way and learned about a really great volunteer organization called the Literacy Volunteers of the New River Valley. This non-profit helps both children and adults by improving their literacy skills.

From http://www.begintoread.com/ I found some really sad statistics on literacy.

• Literacy is learned. Illiteracy is passed along by parents who cannot read or write.
• One child in four grows up not knowing how to read.
• 43% of adults at Level 1 literacy skills live in poverty compared to only 4% of those at Level 5
• 3 out of 4 food stamp recipients perform in the lowest 2 literacy levels
• 90% of welfare recipients are high school dropouts
• 16 to 19 year old girls at the poverty level and below, with below average skills, are 6 times more likely to have out-of-wedlock children than their reading counterparts.
• Low literary costs $73 million per year in terms of direct health care costs. A recent study by Pfizer put the cost much higher.

I wanted to see if anyone had any cool fundraising ideas? We could always do a bake sale, candy sale, resale or raffle of sorts, but these are also open to their own possibilities. Let me know if anyone knows of a fundraising idea that has proven to be successful!
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