Thank my current occupation for theses;

In memory ads should never involve a person shirtless and drinking a beer. It screams disrespectful to me.

Rude emails that are degrading and belittling can’t be made ok with a smiley face immediately following. It’s still rude, degrading and belittling to me. Thanks.

No matter who you are it is odd to touch something I’m drinking or eating, even if it’s the exterior of the container. If it’s on my desk please don’t touch it. H1N1 anyone?

All of these listed are odd; resting your head on someone’s shoulder you don’t see outside of work, yelling “sunglasses” at someone just because they are wearing them and yelling out while dropping to your knees in the middle of the office.

Don’t assume the person who works in the office is the one who delivers your paper. Odds are I don’t get up at 1 a.m. to deliver your paper then work in the office from 8am – 5 pm. I’m just saying, odds are against it.

If you are sick, with let’s say Bronchitis etc. Something that is spreadable. Don’t be coughing all over the place and infecting the people who work in the small office around you. I’m all for dependability but we aren’t doctors, we don’t save lives, take a day off.
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