Welcome bloggers to my very own new and improved blog! I’ve tried different genres of blogs but have come to the conclusion that my own expertise falls solely on my own life. So, my blog will tell my own stories, feelings, adventures and beyond.

For starters, I’ll give you a little background on the point in which you enter my life. I’m 23 years old and on April 4, 2009 I married my “part-time lover and full-time friend” Bradley Sumpter. I’m currently working in Advertising at TRT and Brad works as an Analyst at Virginia Tech while he is also completing his Masters.

We have begun our lives together here in Christiansburg, V.A., Brad’s hometown and just a short 15 minute drive from my own. Also, the place in which we met back in 2006… I was but a mere waitress working my way through college and Brad was a customer who got more than he probably bargained for.

I guess the rest is history in the making.
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