Well two weeks ago I got this crazy idea of getting my hair cut short. I’ve only cut my hair short once. That was the day before high school graduation and I hated it. The problem is when I get an idea in my head I just go for it. I’ve never been much for thinking a decision completely through. So, a day or two after my great idea I got about 6 inches of hair cut off... Most days I hate it and that’s for one simple reason; I am and will always be a ponytail kind of gal. Low ponytails are my thing and they go with everything; working out, work, hanging at home, out with the gals… everything. I would like to mention that I told my hairstylist to just keep enough for a ponytail and in response she said "Ok, not a problem," which I believed was a mutual verbal understanding that somehow was forgotten. But, in light of my new do, that is even shorter than is was at high school graduation, I’m determined to make the best of it and rock it. Today, is day one of looking for a new look. Instead of my usual straighten it until it won’t straighten anymore, I went with a bigger natural look. It’s ok but is falling, literally, short. I’ll keep you posted when I find what I like.

and After

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