A lot of people that know me well probably know that growing up my family didn’t have much money. Don’t get me wrong, my Mom always made sure we were fed and clothed and gave and did for us everything she could. I’m proud of my Mom and know it was hard to raise two children on her own after my Dad died. I was also very blessed to have a Mother who would give anything to see me happy. That is what my Mother defined motherhood to mean to me; strength, courage, determination and a love so strong you would give your life in a seconds notice. One of the things growing up this way instilled in me is the constant need to give back.

A great organization here in Christiansburg is the Montgomery County Christmas Store. This organization is near and dear to my heart because I went to the very same one when I was a little girl. They not only let my Mom pick out toys for my brother and I, they also let me pick out gifts for my family. My Mother still to this day has a set of Christmas canisters I picked out for her when I was around 4 years old, the first time we went to the Christmas store. Each Christmas she puts them out in her kitchen. They have always served as a reminder to me of how wonderful God is and great things he has done for my family. If it wasn’t for the Christmas Store I don’t know if I would have had the Christmas’ I was fortunate enough to have had and the memories I’ve been given. In November, Brad and I will be volunteering there and I’m very excited to help others and an organization that helped my family. I encourage all my friends to help out in anyway because this is truly an organization that changes people's lives.
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