Saturday was a great day! I was able to do some much needed retail therapy with my mom. We also hit up Starbucks and I was more than glad because I hadn’t been in a week and a half and was experiencing withdrawal symptoms. I ended up with some great finds; cute pair of stilettos, two necklaces, two sweaters, two pairs of pants and four or five shirts! I even got Brad a few shirts! Like any good wife would do.

After my therapy session I headed home to prepare for some friends who were coming over for dinner before heading to downtown Blacksburg for some drinks and dancing at the Boo Bash. We met up with a few people from work and ran into some friends. The night was a lot of fun and I will leave the rest of the details up to the photos;

Good times. I have a feeling I will have a lot to talk about this week... stay tuned.
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