Yesterday I officially finished my Christmas boxes for Operation Christmas Child. This is something I got involved in with my church. You simply fill a shoe box with school supplies, hygiene products, toys and candy for a child in poverty. You also include a $7 donation per box for shipping. The boxes are taken to a Samaritan’s Purse drop zone and shipped all over the world! It's a great organitation and I feel privileged to be involved!

The Operation Christmas Child ministry extends far beyond a gift-filled shoe box. A primary goal of the project is to offer children the opportunity to participate in the Operation Christmas Child Discipleship Program, and to give every graduate a New Testament in their local language. In 2009-2010, an estimated 1.9 million children will have the opportunity to participate in the program, with an estimated 1.2 million of these boys and girls completing the series of Bible lessons. These discipleship materials are used by local churches as effective resources to show children how to come into relationship with God, to explore His Word, and to encourage children to grow in their faith.
- Samaritan's Purse site

The deadline isn't until November, so there is still time to get involved!
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