I’ve been my usual awful blogger self. Things have been going great. Staying busy at work, projects here and there. Bradley and I are headed out of town this upcoming weekend to Glade Springs Spa for a little Valentine’s Day treat. I will be meeting my new little sister on Thursday through the Big Brother/Big Sister program. I’m stoked to meet her and pray that we connect. I know how important it has been in my life to have gained a valuable mentor when I was young and hope that I can in someway instill the things my coach brought into my life. Wish me well! Aside from losing my camera last month, hence no recent photos, I couldn’t ask for more right now. Which is really just great, I find myself these days regularly looking around to realize how wonderful and blessed my life is. This possibly could be due to my new career path… but who knows? No matter how it’s come my way, I plan to just enjoy right now!
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