When you’re married or have been in a relationship with someone you often get a sense of the things they are interested in or what they want to do with their time. But sometimes they surprise you. One of these times happened to me a few weeks ago. As we sat down for dinner Brad asked me if I had heard of a sport called flyball. I of course hadn’t, seeing as how it isn’t exactly a popular thing. He told me that at work that day a coworker told him about it and he did some research to find out more. He went on to tell me the logistics and how the dog is expected to run over hurtles, kick a box, get a ball and run back. Dogs take turns and it’s a competition to see who is the quickest and penalties are taken for getting out of their lane or dropping the ball etc. He broke out a youtube video so I could see. I knew where this was then going and found it hilarious seeing as how Annie isn’t much for direction and training. She isn’t a good listener and I understand undoubtedly we are to blame for some of that. He proceeded to tell me that Annie was a natural athlete and made for this, which he insisted the vet had said. When in actuality all I heard the vet say was that Annie was fit. All I can say is that it was one of the most hilarious situations I’ve been in for awhile.

Brad at this point had already signed her up for testing to get into a training program that would last seven weeks. There wasn’t much I could say but good luck. The following week Annie was accepted to the program and Brad and Annie go every week for practice. It was funny to me because it was out of the blue. Brad isn’t usually the one in our marriage to jump at something. He’s the researcher. Just like when we buy something expensive. He looks up everything online, goes to all local stores and narrows the choices down to a few. Then I step in to pick from the few. I know it’s funny but it works for us. Otherwise I’d spend days being drug from store to store miserable. I’m still unsure how we will begin hunting for our next home?

In closing, I went for my first time to visit flyball this week. It was… interesting. The team dogs are really great but it seems like a lifetime further than the training dogs. It’s supposed to take a year for a dog to be ready to compete… at least that’s what I’ve heard. We shall see.

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