Thanksgiving went by well. The night before, Annika and Sean were in town from Vegas and six of us caught up over sushi. It was a lot of fun to catch up and really made me realize how much I miss them. We decided we will be headed out to visit them in the spring. I’m excited to have them show us their new stomping grounds and do a little gambling.

This was my first year cooking for Thanksgiving on my own. Brad’s Dad, Granny and Uncle headed over to our house for lunch. I made the works and I must say I impressed myself! For dinner we headed to Brad’s aunts who annually hosts the McAlexander dinner. There are a bunch of them so her work was cut out for her. All of this eating was followed by another dinner at my parent’s house, who hosted the Conner family dinner. LOTS of eating.

The weekend following, Brad and I hung our stockings, put the tree up and wrapped most of the gifts. I’m not much of a procrastinator around the holidays so I began shopping a few months ago. My shopping is almost done. Now, if we could just get some snow!
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