Work and Christmas prep have kept me very busy but I'm amped because Christmas week is here! We got roughly 18 inches of snow, more than this area has had in a long time. I’m excited that for once we’ll have snow at Christmas time. Plus, I get to wear my new boots, which I love. Thanks Mom. Annie seems to love the snow also, even though it’s taller than she is. She bounces all around with her little head in the air. Due to being snowed in it was nice to spend the weekend hanging out with Brad around the house. Saturday night we played some board games and I killed Brad at Monopoly. That's putting it nicely.

We will be very busy this week with all the family gatherings. Wednesday night is Christmas at Brad’s Moms, Thursday his Grandma’s, Friday morning his Dad’s, lunch at his other Grandma’s and dinner at my parents. Yes, lots of gatherings with our big family! It will be lots of fun. I will keep you posted!

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