This is my best attempt of putting my last three months in a paragraph... or so. After we sold our place we moved in with my folks. It was quite an adventure. God bless my Rents for letting us stay with them, especially since we weren’t sure how long we would be staying because we had no new house plans except to find one. Turns out we found the perfect house for us and closed two weeks ago! I would say time flew but did I mention my husband and I were living with my parents… haha. In all seriousness it was a stressful transition but I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful family and amazing hubby.
In the weeks since our new place I’ve been getting things settled. We are pretty much done but to be honest we were pretty much done four days in. I’m not much of a procrastinator.

It's a work in progress...
Other updates: my bestie Brittany is having a baby boy named Landon in October/November, we hired a new marketing and pr gal named Karie at work (love her and so thankful to have her), got to be a CCIS pageant judge and tagged along with Brad on a conference in Williamsburg. Ok, that’s all I got for now.
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