My weekend was spent in the very hot and sweaty Cassell Coliseum. Friday, Bradley graduated with his Masters degree in Accounting Information Systems and Saturday, one of my bestie’s Jenny, graduated with her undergraduate in Environmental Science. Even though the humidity in that place was ridiculous, it was all worth it. I’m very proud of my hubby and Jenny! Congrats guys!

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Well it has certainly been a busy couple of weeks. I’m excited for June to come for several reasons; Brad’s 29th, work conference in Tennessee, vacation with the hubby to the beach and Carowinds with Brad’s parents, sisters, brothers, their wives and husbands and our nine nieces and nephews. It’s going to be awesome! I’m a huge ride junkie and love his big ol’ family.

Work has been going well. We have been staying very busy and I will be having my first event in a few weeks. Cross your fingers that everything goes well. I know it will though! If I’m nothing else, I am truly an organizer and seldom miss anything. Unfortunately, Chris, our Intern turned Information Resource Coordinator, has moved on to the big city. He was a great asset and will be hard to replace. He’ll be graduating though and doing great things with his life, I’m certain of it.

In June Theresa, a co-worker, and I will be headed to Tennessee for a work conference. Although I doubt it will be nearly as fun as the D.C. summit I missed out on, I’m excited to learn some new resource development techniques.

Unfortunately, I think that is about it. I would like to share on behalf of mother’s day that I’m very proud of my mom. Last week at the young age of 55, she took her first stab at the GED and passed! Way to go Mom! I’m extremely proud of my mother. At her age I know it was a hard task and something she didn’t have to do. She recently got a new job and is moving on to bigger and better things. You are a huge inspiration mom and I love you!

P.S. New gift Brad and I received below. Love them!